About Estelle

Estelle Van de VeldeI’m Estelle Van de Velde, author of Finding Maxwell. I also used to host a podcast called Inside my Notebook, where I’m talking about my writing process and how you can publish and market your own books. I love blogging. I have a blog since I’m twelve when my parents discovered computers and internet. Weirdly enough, I always talked about books and writing, occasionally talking about travel and life.

For those who are wondering where my last name comes from and whether I speak Dutch or not: I’m Belgian, from the French-speaking part. I grew up near Mons, in the south of Belgium, and my grandpa was Flemish. I speak just a little bit of Dutch at the minute, and I’m taking classes to improve that.

In Belgium, I used to be a public relations officer, while continuing my journey as a writer. I self-published my first ever short story, Jamais Trop Tard, in a limited number of paperback copies and published the second one, Groom Service, in Muze Magazine (#81). I also hosted my own creative writing workshops, for adults and young adults.

In 2015, my husband and I moved to the U.K. We lived in Brighton and London. I jumped on the occasion to do an MA in Creative Writing at Brunel University London, where I learned a lot about the craft of stories but also the ways to promote yourself as an author. I also volunteered at The Ministry of Stories, based in Hackney, where I helped children write their stories.

In 2019, we moved back to Belgium, where we plan our next adventure. I am now working on my novel, Once Upon A Sky, which is the sequel to Finding Maxwell.

You can find me on this blog, or on Twitter. If you have any question, you can drop me a line via my contact page. And if you’d like to receive my updates, don’t hesitate to join my mailing list.