Top 10 Podcasts on Writing and Creativity

When I look back at 2017, I realised I’ve gone a long way. On my phone, I deleted the social media app to concentrate on reading ebooks – mostly self-development ones – and listening to podcasts during my commute. I listen to those words with assiduity, and I sometimes stumbled upon pearls of encouragement and valuable information.

Because it’s sometimes hard to find inspiration and motivation to continue our journey as writers, here is my top 10 podcasts to help you out with your writing, book marketing and creativity.

Book Marketing Show Podcast, by Dave Chesson

I discovered Dave Chesson not so long ago. He was a guest on Jeff Goins’ podcast, which I introduce below, and was talking about ranking on the Amazon website. Maybe you’re aware that I’m working in SEO, but I found it extremely interesting to know some tips and tricks on how you can rank your book on Amazon. Anyway, he has his own podcast on which he talks about publishing and marketing your book, with lots of insights about the gigantic e-retailer. I recommend it if you’re starting with self-publishing.

Check his podcast on iTunes.

That Smart Hustle Podcast, by Kristen Martin

Kristen is known for the Alpha Drive trilogy and her youtube channel in which she gives writing and publishing advice. She started a podcast a few months ago, called “That Smart Hustle” in relation to her coaching program “Hustle Smarter, not Harder”. She talks about motivation and inspiration, and how to create a better life for ourselves. As an author, I find it very interesting to know how she’s juggling between her full-time job and her writing life. Her podcast reflects that and I’m sure you can learn a lot about it too.

Check her podcast on iTunes.

The Creative Penn Podcast, by Joanna Penn

Joanna Penn is a successful author and entrepreneur, who has self-published both fiction and non-fiction books. I think she is the most active author on the web but also out of the web. She does talks and conferences around publishing and marketing your book, and it is always instructive to listen to her podcast. She’s also doing interviews with authors on their subject of predilection, which makes it very interesting.

Check her podcast on iTunes.

The Portfolio Life, by Jeff Goins

Do I really have to introduce you Jeff Goins? He’s the author of “Real Artists don’t Starve”, which is one of the best non-fiction read I had last year, and the number one blogger on writing and creativity. And of course, he also has a podcast on which he interviews creative people from each kind of arts. Recently I loved his series about on his own creative life and the lessons he got from it. I think each of us can relate. That’s why I certainly recommend listening to this. Urgently.

Check his podcast on iTunes.

Helping Writers Become Authors, by K.M. Weiland

Katie Weiland is the creator of “Helping Writers Become Authors” blog. She’s a successful self-published author, and she gives wonderful advice on writing. And of course, she is also in audio! Crafting a story has never been so easy. She makes it sound so simple, she’s so inspiring that you’ll never be stuck again. From character development to creating an awesome plot, she gives you all the tools that you need to finish that damn book.

Check her podcast on iTunes.

Love Your Work, by David Kadavy

I discovered David Kadavy a while ago, but it’s only recently that I came up with his podcast. I really liked “The Heart to Start”, his book about creativity and how to motivate ourselves just to do it. So does it podcast, “Love your work”. I love it because I learn about how other creatives found their calling and found the success they deserved. It inspires me to do the same, and I’m sure it will inspire you to do so too.

Check his podcast on iTunes.

Literaticast, by Jennifer Laughran

If you’ve always wondered what was a literary agent’s life like, this podcast is for you. Jennifer Laughran is a literary agent specialised in children and young adult books. On her show, she talks with other professionals of the publishing industry about what makes publishing fantastic.

Check her podcast on iTunes.

CTRL ALT Delete, by Emma Gannon

This one is more about the web and less about the “being an author” thing. Emma Gannon is the author of “CTRL ALT Delete: How I grew up online”. On her podcast, she invites creative people about their relations with the internet, from the super famous youtube Zoella to the successful author Elizabeth Gilbert. It can be interesting to grow your author platform and how you can use the internet to your advantage.

Check her podcast on iTunes.

First Draft, by Sarah Enni

I discovered this podcast by chance, while checking my Twitter feed. Leigh Bardugo was featured in that episode, and I had just finished reading “The Language of Thorns”. Anyway. Sarah Enni is a journalist and young adult author, who talk with other YA authors about their process and creative writing. As everyone has a different point of view on writing and publishing, this is a very interesting podcast to listen to.

Check her podcast on iTunes.

Writing Excuses, by Brandon Sanderson, Mary Robinette Kowal, Dan Wells and Howard Tayler

I found this one because of my very good friend, Anaelle. She’s a fan of Brandon Sanderson and I was curious to check if he did anything else than writing books. To my surprise, this podcast came up in google search and… I love it! This bunch of authors share their successes and failures. They are published authors, successful authors, but they are struggling as we all do. It gives me the kick that I need to get my writing done, and to believe that I can do it too. It also has very good advice on character and plot development, which is always good to have in mind.

Check their podcast on iTunes.


One last podcast for you: Inside My Notebook, by yours truly (that’s me). I love doing new things and podcasting was a perfect opportunity. I talk about writing, publishing and book marketing, every two weeks on Sunday. You can check it out on Soundcloud or iTunes. And don’t hesitate to subscribe if you like it.

Hope this article helped you discover some great podcasts. If you have any that you love, please share in the comments. I’m always curious and I’ll check that out as soon as I can.


What are your favourite podcasts?
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