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Arthur’s Seat: looking for Camelot

Camelot. If people have dreamt of it, written about it, sung about it, it is natural that a writer like me went on an adventure to find its location. Arthur’s Seat, in Edinburgh, Scotland, is one of the potential places where, according to the legend, King Arthur had built the famous castle.

Love and I went to amazing Edinburgh for our 1st wedding anniversary. We visited Holyrood Palace, where Mary Queen of Scots lived when she came back from France, the Writers’ Museum, dedicated to three famous Scottish authors, and of course… we discovered Arthur’s Seat’s panorama.

A word on Camelot

The first mention of Camelot as the capital of King Arthur appeared in the 12th century French romance, after the cycle about Lancelot and the Holy Grail. I’ve always been drowned to these legends. My work-in-progress novel is even partly based on the Arthurian mythology.

If I haven’t found any trace of King Arthur’s castle at the top of Arthur’s Seat, the climbing – which took less than 2 hours, return included – was worth it. The views of the city, that we’re getting from the top of the hill, were astonishing.

view from arthur's seat

Climbing Arthur’s Seat

If you’re visiting Edinburgh, you can’t miss Arthur’s Seat. Located in Holyrood Park, at the bottom of the Royal Miles, its imposing summit reigns over the city and you’re driven to it when you set foot in Edinburgh.

A word about the mountain: it’s the reminiscence of an ancient volcano. That’s why the top is a bit craggy and red. It’s also 251 metres high… My legs were still shaking from the effort when we came back at the hotel. I’m not the sporty type, but I’m proud of having been able to climb the famous peak and to admire the view.

selfie estelle and quentin from arthur's seat

While you’re there, check the ruins of St-Anthony’s chapel and contemplate Salisbury Crags, amazing cliffs surrounding the park of Holyrood. You might even see Edinburgh Castle on the other side of the city, also built on an ancient volcano, what a coincidence!

Scotland is an amazing region. I would love to go back and explore its treasures. I’m sure there’s more to discover, more sceneries to admire. And more literary legends to uncover.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get to Arthur’s Seat?

You can get to Arthur’s Seat when going to Edinburgh, Scotland, The United Kindgom. It is located in Holyrood Park, at the bottom of the Royal Miles, which is in the historical part of the city.

How high is Arthur’s Seat?

Arthur’s Seat is 251 metres high. When planning to climb it, you need to allow it around four hours to get around it and to make the most of your visit. The surroundings are beautiful, and it would be a shame not to take the time to enjoy. After all, the climbing was difficult enough.

How difficult is it to climb Arthur’s Seat?

The difficulty to climb Arthur’s Seat depends on you and your physical capacity. I would say it is an average difficulty. There are mild slopes, but also steep slopes near the end.

How long does it take to climb Arthur’s Seat?

It took two hours for my husband and I, in our early thirties and good health, to get there and come back. If you have kids, it can take a little longer. But really, the journey is worth it. Take your time and enjoy.

Have you been to Arthur’s Seat yet?
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