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Finding time to write isn’t that easy

It’s been a while since I wrote some words onto paper. To be honest, I’ve kind of lost my mojo. Or so I think. I’m still eager to write the story living in my head since 2015, but combining it with a full-time job is arduous. How do I find time to work on it anyway? I don’t know.

Before having a full-time job, I was looking for that job. And applying was taking most of my mental space. It was the subject of all the conversations I could have with people: “Have you found yet?” “Still no word from this company?” You know the kind of conversations I’m talking about. However, I didn’t know it at that time, I had had plenty of time to focus on my story. After all, I wasn’t applying all day long, and I wasn’t working freelance all day long either. But again, I had no mental space and I was feeling stuck in life.

Now that I have a full-time job, I’m struggling to find that time to write my novel. I can’t even imagine how people who have a job AND kids can manage to do everything. At work, I’m praised for my organisational skills, but I’m wondering if I’m that good. I can’t even manage to get a little time for my personal writing.

I’ve obviously read it all about time management and the tricks to get some writing done. But what do you do when your worst enemy is yourself? What do you do when you should kick yourself in the ass to get some writing done? Finding time sounds so easy when you read Jeff Goins’ articles on creating a routine.

Still, I think I’ve lost my mojo for a time. And it’s pretty hard to get started again. Maybe I did a mini burn out after I had decided I would do it all. Novel, blog and podcast. I had a great planner on my desk with all the articles that should go live on the blog on a particular day, with the podcasts I should release on a particular day. I didn’t have a planner for my novel writing, but I knew I was at least meeting with some creatives during the week so I could also get some novel writing done. And that was fine, for a time.

On my previous blog post, I was talking about procrastination. I think everything is connected. You’re not procrastinating because you’re just lazy. If you were just lazy, you wouldn’t do anything. Not even the chores. No, I think we procrastinate because we don’t have the mental space and the strength to actually do what we want to achieve. We might even suffer from the Impostor Syndrome for all I know.

When life goes in the way, it’s difficult to get that mental space to juggle everything. I’m not necessary looking for time here, I’ve got plenty. And when people are asking when do you find the time to write, they’ve got plenty too. No, what it really means is ‘how do I get enough mental space?’ That’s the real question.


Do you think you have to find time, or are you struggling with your mental space?
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