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Please welcome Tracy J. Reid, co-author on the Blind Spot Anthology, coming up this September. She is also a life coach and entrepreneur, and I’m sure she has some pretty good advice on how to balance our lives between our careers and our writing life. But let’s get started!

Welcome Tracy! You are a talented life coach and entrepreneur, and you recently took part in an anthology. Can you tell me a little about this project? Why did you decide to write in an anthology?

Book cover of the Blind Spot AnthologyI was invited to join the book project by Sonia Poleon, who is a best selling author and the Compiler of the Blind Spot Anthology. She heard my story of overcoming the challenging and debilitating side-effects of a particular type of contraception, burnout and adrenal fatigue. She suggested it would be a great opportunity for me to write a chapter on my health journey which could inspire women to investigate further into their own health concerns, especially if they are going through similar symptoms, but not necessarily aware of what the signs mean.

How was your relationship with the other authors of the anthology? Did you have any contacts? Have you discussed the whole project together?

The Blind Spot Anthology Co-authors are all from different backgrounds and professions, which makes the group so diverse and interesting. We meet once a month for dinner and a catch up chat in a local restaurant which is a fun way to get to know each other, connect, network and share ideas. We are all passionate about helping people to heal and transform from their own challenging experiences and writing the anthology has enabled us all to be a part of that process as we are all sharing our own real life experiences.

The anthology is a collection of true stories. Was it difficult to put your words onto paper to write about your own experience? How did you find your voice?

Yes, it was very difficult to get started in the beginning, because I struggled to remember all of the timeline and it was quite emotional having to go back and recollect everything I went through during that time. It was also quite scary to think that I am writing about myself and my feelings openly to the world. Giving my words on paper permission to be heard was was quite scary but there was something else driving me. Something that I needed to get out there and be said, because I do not think enough women talk about these emotions and how they truly feel.

However, once I opened up to the reality that I am writing for the book, the words just seemed to flow out onto the paper and although it was quite emotional in parts, I believe this book project has helped me to heal from the emotional roller coaster I went through. Even whilst writing the chapter and sometimes when reading it back, I still get quite emotional to think that I really did not know myself for those 2 years of my life, and on reflection I remind myself that I wrote this to help any woman out there that might be going through a similar situation.

Have you read your partners’ stories? Which one(s) inspired you the most?

We have spoken about our chapters at our monthly meetups, but we have not read each others yet. So it will be very exciting for us too, when the book launches.

Book cover of I want my life back by Tracy J. Reid

Your story is about burnout and getting your life back. Any tips on how to better balance our lives?

My advice is very simple – SLOW DOWN! We must take time out for ourselves to connect our mind, body and soul in order to hear our own intuition tell us what feels good and what does not. Without taking a moment to slow down we cannot hear these messages and totally miss the signs. It is a very important part of my self-care daily rituals to meditate and be still, even if it is only 5 minutes a day.

As a writer, one of the biggest questions which pops up over and over is how do we find the time to write. Any tips on how to manage our time efficiently?

I agree it is really challenging to find time to write. These are my tips:

  1. Commit to a word count goal every day. i.e. 400 – 1,000 words a day
  2. Write for a set period of time (i.e. 1 hours writing a day)
  3. Have a timeline to follow from starting your writing journey to launch day i.e. 6 months, 1 year.
  4. Make a writing date with yourself and schedule that time into your diary.
  5. Choose a spot in the home or a location out of the home where you feel comfortable and just start writing.
  6. Have an accountability buddy to keep you on track.

You’ve been active on social media with the anthology’s promotion. What do you think is the best way to market a book?

There are so many ways to market a book. I personally love Instagram and feel really comfortable using that platform because it is so visual and easy to build rapport. Using Instagram live is a really cool feature for marketing and I intend to use more video leading up to the book launch. I also have some radio and blog interviews like this one that can help towards marketing for authors. I will also be doing some talks to women’s support groups.

Here are a few tips on how authors can market their books:

  1. Social media – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, whichever one you feel you can connect with your audience on best. Chose your best platform and remain consistent with posting on that one.
  2. Blogging on your own blog/website and sharing via social media.
  3. Radio shows online/offline are great for getting your message out there and will connect you to a totally different audience.
  4. Newspaper articles – you submit an article to the editor or they can do a feature on you and your book launch.
  5. Networking with other bloggers/authors is key as someone may want to interview you on their blog/website.
  6. Book tours in your local area at libraries and coffee shops.
  7. Speaking events that are relevant to your niche or expertise.

What’s next for you Tracy? Are you writing a new story?

I have been blogging more recently on The Feminine Code blog and loving it. I love writing and sharing my expertise and information to help people. Writing gives me so much peace, clarity and joy. I am currently working on releasing a couple of new coaching programmes to help women with their life and business goals.
I am also currently working on writing my 2nd book, which is coming together nicely as a guide book to help women create a life and business they love, the feminine way.
My mission is to get the message out there, of the importance for women to slow down, balance their lives and take care of their health.

Thank you so much for taking part in this interview! I wish you all the best in your author’s journey.

If you have any questions for Tracy, please feel free to leave it in the comments.

Portrait of author Tracy J. ReidTracy is a Certified Life Coach and has enjoyed coaching for over 15 years. She is a strong advocate for women being able to live their lives to the fullest, having a meaningful fulfilling career, whilst also being available for their families. Tracy dedicates her coaching career to supporting busy women who are feeling the pressures of the daily grind and are ready to press the restart button on their lives. Along with her coaching Tracy has years of experience working within the corporate arena in the areas of PR, Marketing and Sales.

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