NaNoWriMo 2016 – Week 1

Tuesday – 1st November 2016

I had no energy to start the day, all I wanted was to stay in bed, rolled in my duvet. But Love worked remotely that day, and I had to move my ass. I had breakfast, which I don’t usually take, while waiting for the library to open. I’m starting chapter 9 of my novel, and I wrote 617 words between 10.30 and 11.40 am. I reached my daily word count 🙂

As for the life part, I received a nice call for an interview tomorrow afternoon at a place I really really want to work. Fingers crossed.

Wednesday – 2nd November 2016

workingatthelibrary_nanowrimo2016I’ve read a great article by Non Pratt about the insecurity of being an author: Ten things to trigger your writerly insecurities (and how to cope with them). Read it, that’s very interesting.

I wrote 544 words at the library between 10.45 and 11.45 am, reaching my daily word count 🙂 I feel that I’ve let my character be older than he really is, so I’ll have to edit that part later. Maybe I’ll tell you more about my two main characters in another blog post, I don’t know yet.

So I went to the interview, which went well. I’ll have news on Monday 🙂
I’ve been accosted by an old man along the beach while I was on my way home, who told me lots of things about Brighton, the English language and knowing people. He made my day, haha.

I updated my Animal Crossing New Leaf game… I shouldn’t have, because I went to bed very late. Sure I’ll pay it in the morning.

Thursday – 3rd November 2016

I knew it: so difficult to get up this morning 😢 I’m really not a morning kind of person. And that’s weird because I write better in the morning. Life is complicated.

I wrote 564 words between 10 and 11.40 am. I reached my daily word count but went to a write-in in the evening 🙂 This had been a chance to write some more in good company. And I did: 439 words between 7 and 9 pm. It was hard, but I had sweets and word-wars to keep me writing. I just realised that I couldn’t really do word-wars, as I’m not rushing my novel but think about every single word I write on it. But that was fun, and I got stickers 😀

Friday – 4th November 2016

Very hard to go to the library today. I haven’t written much in the morning. Instead of going to the library, I had a chat with my little sister. Then I talked to my writing buddy about my novel and his, good conversation. Lots of ideas came up from it, and I wrote them down for the editing process. I spent the rest of the day playing Animal Crossing New Leaf… I’m doomed, guys 😅

I still managed to reach my daily goal: 512 words written between 10 and 11 pm. I started writing chapter 10 of my novel, which I realised will be much longer than I thought it would be. And I’ve to think about my audience for the beginning of my editing process. Because at the moment one of my main characters is 8 years old, but if I continue writing over a certain length, it won’t be a children book anymore. Or not suitable for children at least. So I may consider changing the genre a bit after writing my first draft, so I need to focus on having this done 🙂

Saturday – 5th November 2016

Ouch, that was so hard to get up… as always you’ll say 😛 I think my problem is not that I don’t know what to write, but actually to find enough energy to get out of my warm and comfortable bed. I managed to write 592 words between 11.30 am and 12.45 pm, still in bed. Maybe that’s the compromise but hey, it’s the weekend. I feel I have perfectly the right to do it.

Sunday – 6th November 2016

For once, I didn’t have difficulties getting up. But I started writing very late, around noon. I managed to write 512 words before wandering over the internet, looking for ideas for a wedding dress that I could actually use during and after the wedding. If you have any idea of a dress that could do the trick, I’d be glad to have a look.

So, overall I can say I’m pretty happy with how many words I have written this week. I reached a total of 3,782 words, and wrote consistently over the past few days. I’m on my way to the first draft 😎

How was your first NaNo week? How many words have you written?

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        1. Thanks for trying to comfort me. You’ll read on my next week’s diary that I haven’t been really well because of it ^^’ Now it’s okay, but I’m still disappointed.

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