NaNoWriMo 2016 – Week 4

If you missed it, here are week 1, week 2 and week 3 of my NaNo diary.

Monday – 21st November 2016

I got 552 words done in the late evening. I’ve no excuse whatsoever, I’ve been procrastinating all day long 😅 I organised my Belgian stay, I called some of my friends, I cooked a bit and watched lots of episodes on Netflix. It’s not that my story doesn’t interest me anymore, it’s that I have difficulties to actually sit at my desk and work. I should definitely come back to the library or some place else, but it was raining today. How can you be brave enough to go out when it rains, it’s cold and it’s not mandatory for you to go outside? I should kick my own ass and go out anyway, whatever the weather. If you encounter the same dilemma, how do you manage to do it?

Tuesday – 22nd November 2016

I had a drop in blood pressure in the morning, so I spent a couple of hours more in bed. I think I was really stressed because of a lot of things, regarding my family but also my job hunting (even if I have a job, but I would like more).

I’ve worked in the afternoon and I prepared my suitcase for my travel. I’m taking the Eurostar tomorrow, to Belgium. Can’t wait to see my family, it will be good for them and myself. When I just moved in the UK, we used to go back once every three months. But this year, the gap between two visits has grown. It’s been nearly 6 months since my last visit.

Wednesday – 23rd November 2016

I wrote 508 words during my travel. I arrived in Belgium at 3.30 pm, been picked up by my Mum and little Sis’.

Oh, and I got my grades! I graduate from my Creative Writing MA, with merit! 🎉 The wait was finally over, I’m so relieved. I didn’t know what to expect and, even if I had lots of Bs over the past year, I still think my dissertation could have been better.
But hey! I got a merit 😀

Thursday – 24th November 2016

I worked a bit in the morning, unfortunately not on my writing 🙁 I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep up on it this week. I’ve lots of visits planned but hopefully I’ll find some time to sit somewhere and write.

I met my best friend’s newborn son ❤ The baby is so cute, calm and easy-going. He was only six days old, but already so much charisma 🙂

Friday – 25th November 2016

Too tired to do anything in the morning. There is only one hour difference with the UK, it’s already too much, hahaha. I’ve called the priest from the church in which we want to marry. Even if we were baptised in Belgium, we need to get the authorization from the English Church to marry in Belgium because our domicile is in the UK. Ah, why is it so complicated? We’re both Belgians, isn’t it enough? 😩 I’m sure it will be the same, if not worse, with the town hall. Can’t wait to call the administration *irony*

Saturday – 26th November 2016

I wrote 540 words today, hooray 🎉 I took advantage of the hour spent by car (I wasn’t driving, don’t worry), and it was so good to continue my draft! If I keep up like that, I’m gonna be right on time with my schedule 🙂

I went to a family member’s dinner in the evening. I was at the “children” table instead of the “adults” one. In fact, there’s no real problem because the children are in their twenties. But as I’m the eldest, I couldn’t keep up with their conversations. At the “adults” table, they had better talks but they were complaining about their parents who complained themselves about their fading health. I think there is an age (mine) when you’re too old but too young at the same time 😅

Sunday – 27th November 2016

My grandparents came for our family reunion, that was nice 🙂 Then I watched the first two episodes of the Gilmore Girls revival. I don’t know what to think about it because even if I was team Logan before, I’m not that happy with the situation.

Overall, I had a bad week for my writing: 1,600 words only. However, there’re 500 words left to reach my monthly goal, and 3 days left to achieve it. I hope I’ll find the time.

How was your fourth NaNo week? How many words have you written?