London Book Fair

How to get the most out of the London Book Fair 2018?

The London Book Fair is taking place from the 10th to the 12th April 2018 in Olympia London, near Hammersmith. Having a schedule is the biggest advice I can possibly give you. The event is huge, and it will be hard to think clearly of what to do once on the spot.

Author Life

A Tale of Two Creatives

Music usually helps with concentration. In my case, I’m often listening to piano soundtracks, just to keep me going with the creative flow. But right now, the kind of music I’m listening to isn’t the one to keep yourself focused.

Author Life

Why I love writing

There are many reasons why, as writers, we’ve been pushed into the world of literature. The motivation behind our love of writing is different for each of us, but something is common to everyone. We simply love writing words on paper.

Author Life

Breaking up with New Year Resolutions

After one month into the year, the New Year Resolutions have quite a hard time too. We’re back in the normal life; we’re back at work, we’re back in our routine. The bubbles seem very far away and yet, only one month has passed. How are you holding up with it?