Picture representing first draft Editing
Editing Tips

The 3 Steps of the Editing Process

Editing is a vast process. I’m not only talking about grammar and spelling, but more profound changes that need to be done to improve a story to its core. It is important to keep in mind that there are different phases in an editing process.

Brad Green holding Catalyst book

Interview With Author Brad Green

Please welcome Brad Green, author of Catalyst. Brad self-published his debut novel in May 2017 and he is answering some questions about his writing and publishing journey on the blog. Let’s get started!

Publishing Tips

Making Money Writing With Kindle Direct Publishing

You are now ready to self-publish your first book and you’re wondering which online retailer you’re gonna choose. I went with Kindle Direct Publishing, by Amazon. I’m explaining the royalties scheme and KDP Select, for a better understanding of that massive platform.