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A Tale of Two Creatives

Music usually helps with concentration. In my case, I’m often listening to piano soundtracks, just to keep me going with the creative flow. But right now, the kind of music I’m listening to isn’t the one to keep yourself focused. I’m in an art café, waiting for my husband’s first solo concert to start. Everything around here is noisy, that’s the less I can say. The sound created by modular synthesisers isn’t made to sound like the pop or classical music I’m used to. It’s electronic, more like old video games’ sound design.

My husband, also known as Electret, started music when he was very young. He learned the guitar, guitar bass, drums, keyboard and now is turned into electronic and techno music. He would certainly correct me on one or two things. After all, it isn’t my world and I sometimes don’t really get what he’s doing. What I do understand, however, is the helpless urge to create. And while writing can certainly take ages before a story comes out into the world, music is more instantaneous.

CV FREQS IX from a writer’s perspective

Except that I was obviously there to support my husband, I could compare it to a bookish event. While book people meet up to talk about books and their latest readings, this one was around modular synthesisers. The organisers had set up the event in an artist’s café, IKLECTIC, next to Waterloo station and the London Eye. They had managed to have a special guest from the Netherlands to perform in front of an audience of music enthusiasts, which was pretty cool. And my husband was performing after him, which was even cooler.

If you think about it, both arts are not that different. A good story is usually built around a beginning, middle and end, so does a melody. You need to hook your reader/listener, create climax and a good ending. We talk about rhythm and tempo in songs, narration and dialogues in writing. The terms might be different but the purpose is the same: arts create a story, whether it is using notes or words.

While I’m writing this blog post, I’ve heard three different artists playing. All of them had their own universes, even if you could think they were playing the same instrument. It’s the same with writing: you might know how to form a sentence but your voice and writing style is yours.

A tale of two creatives

A year ago, I remembered my husband buying his first “module”. The music he was making back then was… simply noise. To my ears at least. It wasn’t making any sense that he was an ace guitarist but chose to use that thing. I should have known, having written that confidence is key, that he would become better and better at it. And he did.

Now, when he asks me to come to his studio to listen to his latest piece of music, I’m less hesitant. And the least I can say is that I’m super proud of him, because of his perseverance and confidence. I hope he has many more concerts in the near future. You can listen to his music here.

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