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Why I love writing

There are many reasons why, as writers, we’ve been pushed into the world of literature. For some of us, we can’t help but telling stories. For others, it might have been an accident, and we haven’t stopped since then. The motivation behind our love of writing is different for each of us, but something is common to everyone. We simply love writing words on paper.

I’ve been drawn into writing when I was a little girl. I used to write fan fiction to my younger sisters, telling our adventures in the wonderful world of Pokemon (yes, don’t laugh!). Growing up, I joined an RPG forum in which I was writing my character’s journey in a specific fantasy world. At that time, I wanted to become a journalist because I wasn’t seeing myself taking the author’s path. It seemed so hard to think about writing as a career. The poor artist’s cliché was giving my dream a hard time. And, to be honest, it still does.

But why do I love writing?

It is a complicated question, maybe because I don’t feel like I’m writing a lot. But one of the reasons is that I have something to say to the world. I’m a quiet kind of girl and, when in groups, I tend to keep my mouth shut and just listen to people. And as I’m listening, I would sometimes love to say something, but I never dare. Because daring would mean drawing attention to me. Because daring would mean that all these eyes would focus on me and realise I’m just some dumb girl.

Putting words into paper is a way of thinking, clearing my mind. I’m better at writing down my thoughts and then share with the world.

Okay, but why am I in love with writing fiction?

I’m a huge consumer of storytelling. Books, movies, TV shows, cartoons, comic books, video games, I always admired these worlds’ creators for bringing such wonderful characters into life, for creating such colourful realms and making me feel all the feels.

I’m a writer because I’m a reader. I imitated these creators at first, then gave life to my own stories. I created my own voice and writing style. I switched language, from French to English, to write even more accurately and acquire a new range of vocabulary.

Writing fiction is diving into a world in which I have a voice I’m not afraid of sharing. I want to give life to the characters and images in my head, to voice my opinions on different topics, to deliver my message to the world. More than that, I love writing fiction to see the light in someone’s eyes when he realises it’s not just a simple story but is more complicated than it seems.

And you, why do you love writing?
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