Estelle Van de Velde

Get your One to One Consultation

Need help with self-publishing and/or marketing your book? Whether it's fiction or nonfiction, I can help you out. Book your consultation today!

What I do

I’ve self-published my first book in 2017 and have helped other authors do the same. I'm also a professional marketer of 10 years of experience. That's your chance to pick my brain ;)

What you get

You’ll get thirty minutes consultation with me when you can ask all your questions around self-publishing and marketing your book. It can be around various topics, such as publishing your book on Amazon, going wide, getting an ISBN number, creating a marketing plan for your book launch, and much more!


€25 for 30 minutes consultation.
Payment to be made in full upon booking, via PayPal.


"I highly recommend Estelle's advice! All her information is complete and clearly detailed. You can see that she is a true enthusiast, ready to help and guide with her extensive knowledge." from Aurélie