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Cookie Policy

Last updated: June 2021

Hi there! Welcome to the cookie policy of my little website, Even blogs like mine need a cookie policy, because your data protection and privacy are important to me. So please, keep on reading.

We’re obviously not talking about a cookie you can snack on. In the Internet’s world, a “cookie” is a piece of information stored on your computer or device by your internet browser. It records how many times you go on a website, which pages you’re visiting on said website during each session, and so on. A cookie can be used to analyse traffic, and for advertising and marketing purposes.

What type of cookies do we use and why?

Analytics cookies

I have only implemented the Google Analytics pixel on this website, as I do not wish to use your data for any other purpose than analysing the traffic I’m getting on the blog. I’m an SEO professional so I’m always interested in knowing how my pages are performing. However, these data I’m receiving on Google Analytics are anonymised. It means that I won’t store data that would allow me to identify you on Google Analytics.

However, if you don’t want Google Analytics to be used in your browser, you can simply turn it off by installing the Google Analytics add-on. If you’re still concerned about your data being collected by Google, please read about its Privacy Policy and use of Cookies.

Email cookies

I’m using MailerLite to manage my newsletter. Each email has a “web beacon pixel” which is used to tell the provider if you’ve opened the email and/or clicked on any links within that email. You can delete the pixel by deleting the email.

It may also drop a cookie on your computer or device to make sure you don’t see newsletter pop-ups on my website more than once within a couple of minutes within the same session.

As for my use of such data, I’m simply using it to know if you liked the email I just sent. It helps me improve the quality of the newsletter and to get to know you a little bit better.

You can consult MailerLite’s Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy here.

Partners we work with

You may find some affiliate links leading to Amazon’s website. As I am myself using the webstore to sell my books, I thought it would be nice to earn a little more money on them through affiliate links. Amazon will simply drop a cookie on your browser to identify where the sale comes from. Please check out its Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.

How to turn cookies off?

If you’ve decided you didn’t want any cookie to be dropped on your computer or device, you can turn them off. However, each browser has its own way of doing it, so I listed them below:

Google Chrome

Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox

Safari (Desktop)

Safari (Mobile)



Opera Mobile

Still have questions?

If you still have any questions about cookies or my use of data, please consult the Privacy Policy of this website or drop me an email at (@)