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How to access your Amazon Ads dashboard?

I’m gonna show you how to access your AMS ads dashboard. Ready?

Before starting, just know that you’ll have different amazon ads dashboard depending on the marketplace you want to advertise on. There’s no global dashboard. Instead, you’ll have one dashboard for the US, one for the UK, one for France, and so on. It’s annoying, I know. I succeeded in grouping all the European accounts together but for some reasons the US dashboard doesn’t want to be grouped with the others…

Last updated: January 25, 2022

There are two ways to access your amazon ads dashboard.

Way #1

The first one is through your KDP bookshelf tab. If you’ve got ebooks, there’s a big fat button saying “Promote and Advertise”. If it’s a paperback, just hover the three dots and there should be a “Promote and advertise” link there. Either way, click on that button and you’ll end up on a page where you have a “Run an ad campaign” box. Select the marketplace you want to advertise on and boom, you’re on your AMS ads dashboard. Magic.

Way #2

The second one is through your KDP marketing tab. Again, there’s a box with the most obvious title: Amazon Ads. Select your marketplace and there you go.

And as mentioned earlier, you can group marketplaces and switch them through the "Sponsored ads - KDP" button at the top right of your dashboard. But for some reasons it works for Europe but not for the US.

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