How to Craft and Market Your Book

Looking for someone to give you advice on your book? You’re in the right place.

As a lover of words, I have organised creative writing workshops and was a jury member of a poetry competition. I volunteered at the Ministry of Stories (London) to help young people unleash their creativity and gain confidence in their writing.

I earned my MA in Creative Writing from Brunel University London and have gained experience in crafting and marketing a story. Two publishing houses were confident enough as to ask me to proofread their novels.

What I Offer

I work hand in hand with you to work on your story and marketing. I offer professional writing, feedback and marketing for local, national and international authors.

Story Crafting

  • 1st Chapter Critique
    You’ve written a story but don’t know if it’s good enough for publishing. I give you a professional feedback to improve your first chapter.
  • Novel Outlining
    You have the greatest idea but need a bit of organisation. I help you outline your story, for a smooth writing of your story.

Publishing Services

  • Book Title feedback
    It’s sometimes hard to come up with a good book title. I help you research the good keywords and get the best book title for your story.
  • Back Cover feedback
    Get professional feedback on the book’s back cover you’ve already written.
  • Formatting
    It can be dreadful to format your own book. Paperback, hardback, eBook… I deliver a ready-to-publish file.
  • French Translation
    If you’re thinking about publishing for the French market, I can help you translate your book in Molière’s language.
  • French Proofreading
    Your book is already in French? I have experience proofreading French novels and can help you improve the quality of your book.

Marketing Services

  • Building your Author Platform
    I help you build your author website to get your name out there and promote your books.
  • Newsletter Writing
    I craft your newsletter’s copy to make it more attractive for your subscribers.
  • Social Media Strategy
    I help you build your social media strategy, using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest, to promote and put your book into the right hands.

Their Testimonials

I first got to know Estelle when I discovered her work as writer, and I was enchanted when she started organizing writing workshops. I attended a few of those workshops and was impressed by Estelle’s skills in guiding our creativity, managing a group of participants and giving relevant, constructive feedback on our writings. What’s more, Estelle is a sociable and “easy-to-talk-to” person. I strongly recommend working with her. Didier Toussaint, translator.

I met Estelle during storytelling workshops. I was surprised at first that she organized everything on her own even though she’s very young. The workshops were very interesting and she was able to give valuable advice to the participants. I highly recommend her for these skills and I’m sure she’s also very talented in any other fields.Fabien Valenti, experienced financial and strategic advisor.

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