Publishing Tips

Making Money Writing With Kindle Direct Publishing

You are now ready to self-publish your first book and you’re wondering which online retailer you’re gonna choose. I went with Kindle Direct Publishing, by Amazon. I’m explaining the royalties scheme and KDP Select, for a better understanding of that massive platform.

Marketing Tips

What Is Metadata And How To Use It For Your eBook?

Do you remember the last time you looked for a book online? You googled it, or you went to an online bookstore and typed the book’s title you were looking for. The title, the author’s name, the keyword you used… they all are part of what we called metadata.

Publishing Tips

Publishing on Amazon: How to Get Your eBook Ready

If you’re choosing the self-publishing path, writing is not the end of the process, only the beginning. You’re not only an author, you’re also a project manager and have to think of it as a business. Because, yes, your books are part of a business. Today, I’m sharing with you 5 things you don’t really think about when choosing self-publication.