Publishing Tips

Publishing on Amazon: How to Get Your eBook Ready

If you’re choosing the self-publishing path, writing is not the end of the process, only the beginning. You’re not only an author, you’re also a project manager and have to think of it as a business. Because, yes, your books are part of a business. Today, I’m sharing with you 5 things you don’t really think about when choosing self-publication.

Author Life

What to Do When You Can’t Write

Sometimes, I don’t feel like writing. But being an author is not only about the writing part. If you’re not simply procrastinating, there are many ways not to feel guilty about not writing.

Writing Tips

3 Inspiring Books on Writing

When you begin your journey as a writer, you’re always wondering how the others are doing. How do they find the time to write? How did they become successful? The answer is… there is no answer. So I’m sharing 3 books I’ve read on writing that I find inspiring.