Inside my Notebook Podcast


Inside my Notebook is a podcast dedicated to books, from writing to publishing and marketing it. I was publishing a new episode every two weeks, on Sunday. 

I wanted to give a new beginning to my blog posts and to give you a way to know me better. As I’m a bit shy and don’t want to be seen on camera (for now), I thought a podcast would be the best way to reach you.

I hope you’ll enjoy listening to these podcast’s episodes as much as I had fun creating them. It’s now in pause, but I might continue it in the future.



#8: The editing process
#7: On Procrastination
#6: Why I love writing

#5: Volte-Face, a short story
 (SPECIAL: I’m reading one of my short stories)
#4: On the Impostor Syndrome

#3: Making Money Writing with Kindle Direct Publishing

#2: Brainstorming a story idea
#1: On Writer’s Blocks