Self-Publishing Guide

Welcome to the self-publishing guide. I’m Estelle Van de Velde, self-published author of Finding Maxwell (and more to come). If you ever wondered what it would take for you to do just the same and publish your book yourself, you’re at the right place.

What happens after you’ve written your first draft? I’m going to cover the many hats you’re gonna wear during the process of publishing your book as an indie author. Let’s get started!

The Editor’s Hat

Okay, you’ve just finished your very first draft. What should you do next? Well, let’s start with… editing! This is the step in which you’re refining your book to its core, down to each word you’ve put on the page. Maybe you’re going to hire a professional editor to help you develop your book a little bit more. Maybe you’d like a proofreader to have a look at your grammar and spelling.

Anyway, you’re going to have to nail this step before moving on to the next, because getting your story right is the key to your book’s future recommendations.

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The Designer’s Hat

Self-publishing your book doesn’t mean you should be all alone to do it. In order to help you get the attention of your readers, the designer will help you create the best cover design for your book. And if formatting your book is something you’re interested in, know that you can either do it yourself with a few of software (if it doesn’t give you the creeps) or ask a designer to do it for you.

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The Self-Publisher’s Hat

Here comes the funny bit: self-publishing your book on different platforms! You can either plan to go exclusive with one distributor, or to go wide and sell your book on as many platforms as possible. Your choice.

I’ve also gathered a few technical things you should now: royalties, ISBN, metadata and so on. Who said being a self-publisher was easy?

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The Marketer’s Hat

Marketing is… wide. That’s one of the reasons why writers tend to neglect marketing: it might be too overwhelming. However, once done properly, marketing can really help you out with getting your book in the hands of your readers. You just have to know how.

From social media to public relations, from SEO to email marketing, I’m going to try to cover as many topics as I can to help you promote the book you’ve just self-published.

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