Estelle Van de Velde

Hey I'm Estelle...

… and I’m a creative. As far as I can remember, I’ve always been attracted to arts. I scripted and performed little plays and musicals alongside my sisters in front of my parents. I wrote my first book at about nine years old. And I took oil painting classes as a teen while others played tennis or basketball.

I’ve always cared about people. I started my career in marketing years ago, from SEO content executive to marketing manager, between both the UK and Belgium. However, I realized that this path didn't align with my true self. So I decided it was time for a big career change, something I should have done a while ago. I decided I’d pivot from marketing to design.

After completing a UX/UI web design internship at Diplo Studio, and as you read these lines, I’m currently looking for my next adventure.

On the side, I wear multiple hats as an indie author, a content creator on YouTube, and a speaker at author conferences. I do love sharing my journey through life with other people, and connecting through experience.

I’ve multiple projects on the back burner, but I’m currently editing a book on pregnancy and motherhood to talk about my experience being a mom to a little guy born in May 2022. Maybe the next one will be on making a career change, who knows! You’re welcome to follow along with my adventures on YouTube and Mastodon, or check out my Now page.

selfie of estelle van de velde, who's smiling and excited
Wanna chat? Send me an email in French, English or Frenglish at:
hello [at] vdvestelle [dot] com