Estelle Van de Velde

Author's journal

This is the archive of my Now Page's 2022 Year. Check out the current year for the most updated news.

15 June 2022

I took the big decision to try on the traditional route with my fiction. So I'll be querying with my YA contemporary fantasy novel in January 2023 (or sooner, if the edits go well). That decision follows a conversation I had with my husband, who was concerned my novel wouldn't reach as many readers as it could with the indie route. We'll see how it goes, wish me luck!

28 May 2022

Our baby boy is here ❤️ Being a mom to him is the best, he's very cute and healthy. And he changes so fast! I'm also about to send my YA contemporary fantasy novel off to beta readers and I'm a speaker at the Authortube Writing Conference where I'll be talking about the editing process. All good stuff!

22 April 2022

I'm one month away from giving birth to our first baby, and I'm about to look for beta readers for my YA contemporary fantasy novel before dissapearing on maternity leave for three months. I honestly don't know what impact the baby will have on my author business yet. What I do know is that I'm planning lots of content for September/October and that my novel is moving forward. Will it be released by the end of the year? Let's see :)

18 January 2022

I know... but your girl had a lot on her mind. 2021 has been a busy year: The Londoners' release, my sister's wedding, and then I was drafting a novel until the very end of December. Then I caught Covid. So let's talk about what I'm working on right now because that's kind of the purpose of this page, right? I've been editing my novel, editing some YouTube videos and running some ads on Amazon. Oh! I also became Amazon exclusive with The Londoners, which I'll probably explain why in a video (hint: being wide doesn't pay off now, maybe in the future). I'll probably have an even busier year in 2022 'cause I'd like to release my novel for end of the year. Plus a huge project that will happen in June. I'm also a speaker at the Women in Publishing Summit, where I'll be talking about SEO for authors. That one will happen in March. Can't wait for all the projects to happen!