What I’m working on right now

I’ll update this page every few months, so you know what I’m working on right now.

20 July 2019

The first draft of my non-fiction project is done! I’m so happy I’ve achieved it. This is a big baby of 60 pages, full of memories. The next step? Editing the existing content, restructuring a little bit and adding even more tips for a successful expatriation.

12 July 2019

I finally finished the ebook formatting, even though that was truly a pain with Scrivener 3. I think next time I have a book ready, I’ll just ask somebody else to do it. And I’m glad to announce that Finding Maxwell is now available on Kobo, thanks to Draft2Digital. Will certainly be available on other online retailers soon, and I’m super excited about it!

6 July 2019

I’m working on the first draft of my non-fiction book, which is all about my four-year expatriation in the UK. I’m nearly there and I can’t wait to turn on my editing hat.

On another topic, I’m reformatting Finding Maxwell to add it on different online book retailers, using Draft2Digital and Smashwords (if I ever know how that one works).